Current Skills

Skill / Software Level of Proficiency Notes
HTML 5 Intermediate I am quite a capable user of HTML 5, having studies previous versions of HTML since 1998. However, I took a long break from using HTML and am now more recently getting back into it. This portfolio site is the first site I have created purely in HTML / CSS and Javascript for a long time.
CSS 3 Intermediate Similar to HTML 5, though there is probably more to learn with CSS3. I find it fascinating what can be achieved through CSS alone, and one of my favourite websites that showcases this is CSS Zen Garden
Javascript Beginner A long time ago I dabbled with Javascript - however most of that knowledge has dissapeared into the ether so I am learning again from scratch.
Wordpress Intermediate / Advanced There are many aspects of Wordpress. I have not got into writing plugins or creating custom themes yet, but I am very capable at using Wordpress to create good looking websites and training users to update sites. Most of my portfolio is currently made up of Wordpress sites that I have created.
Adobe Photoshop Intermediate / Advanced Photoshop is such a vast topic I am certainly not advanced in every aspect of it. However, I am advanced in the parts that I use regularly to edit and retouch photographs that I have taken.
Blender 3D Intermediate I developed a passion for Blender 3D while trying to create composites in Photoshop. Quickly getting to the end of the limitations of Photoshop 3D, I threw myself headlong into creating scenes in Blender 3D. Some examples can be seen in my portfolio.